How to Make Money on Instagram by Selling My Stuff

Make Money on Instagram by Selling My Stuff

I don’t need to tell you that the world is going digital. The future is now. And the way we make money has changed too.

Today, we’re all connected to a digital world with brands and businesses around every corner. And we know what they are selling. Businesses are using social media to sell their products and brands are using social media to sell their images.

You know that feeling when you see something like a pair of shoes you absolutely love but you can't afford them? Most of the time it's because we don't have the money to buy them. But, what if you could make the money to buy them instead?

The answer: sell your own stuff! I did this and it made me $300 in two weeks. I know it sounds like a lot of work at first, but these tips helped make it a lot easier for me.

I’ve been selling my stuff on Instagram for a while now and it’s been working great. I’m going to share with you how it all began and how I’ve been able to make money on Instagram.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is one of the biggest photo sharing sites on the web, it features photos from their own account as well as their friends. With over 800 million people on it, it’s pretty easy to pick up an audience, so it’s no surprise to share your photos to grow your following. 

you do not have to be a professional to sell your stuff and this post will guide you through the process. it’s a social media platform designed to allow businesses to sell stuff to their followers. 

Once you’ve chosen a place to sell your items, like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon, you will be asked to choose how you want to make money.

Why I Decided to Sell My Stuff

How I Sold My Stuff Where I Sold My Stuff What Did I Make Selling My Stuff? Can You Really Make Money On Instagram Selling Stuff? If you’ve ever wanted to make money from Instagram selling stuff, here’s my story of why I made it happen. 

I recently got tired of spending money on Amazon, Groupons, and other ridiculous deals to make a few extra dollars. I decided to sell my crap so I can put it back in my pocket. Here’s what I sold, and how I made money.

Recently I started selling stuff on Instagram. I’m not kidding. I’m talking about selling stuff on Instagram. I don’t care if it’s a waffle maker or a perfectly clean shirt. If it doesn’t have its warranty in the package. If you don’t have it, I’m gone. What Will You Wear Outfit?

How I Started Selling on Instagram

People are actually buying from Instagram, so it was easy to get started. Sales from Instagram: Instagram Can Make You a Millionaire What Other People Are Selling on Instagram Even celebrities have started selling on Instagram. 

Kylie Jenner sells makeup, and even Albert Einstein once sold his Nobel Prize. How To Use Instagram to Sell Online If you want to start selling online on Instagram, you'll need to learn how to use the platform to your advantage. Here are 10 tips for selling online on Instagram.

How I Got a Sponsored Post on Instagram

If you have a new Facebook Page, you need to create a Facebook Ads Manager account. Click here to learn more. How to Get People to Read My Blog If you have a new Facebook Page, you need to create a Facebook Ads Manager account. 

If you have a new Facebook Page, you need to create a Facebook Ads Manager account. 

How I Got My First Sale

Is there anyone who doesn’t want a boat? I bought one. By the time I was 24, I was completely obsessed. I went to every sale I could find. The owners were struggling to pay their mortgage, so if I bought the boats for the right price. 

I could actually afford to buy the house I lived in. I finally got the nerve to ask about one in a magazine ad. “I want one. How much?” He said it was half the price I wanted. “The value’s down. No. I want it.” I put down a deposit and made a credit card payment. 

I bought a 26 foot boat for $2,500. It was a boat with a motor. I owned a tiny house, so I thought my friends would think it was crazy. But I was still struggling to save for my own house and I needed a bigger boat.

How I Grew My Instagram to 10,000 Followers

How to Get 10,000 Instagram Followers for $100 Where to Start Making Money on Instagram by Selling What are the current gold standards of Instagram selling? Why can't I make any money on Instagram right now? 

Many things come into play when Instagram influencers think of ways to get the best possible Instagram results: How well do you know Instagram? Can you find profitable opportunities? Will you invest your own money into these opportunities? 

Do you have the time, money, and persistence to make it work? Are you willing to invest the time and money? My first Instagram sale was last October. It was the first time I ever used Instagram to sell things, but I've seen it work for thousands of others. So, let's dive in!

How I Made My First Sale

I just sold my car on eBay, my first sale ever, and I couldn't be happier about it! I've been at this Instagram making money thing for only a few weeks and I've already sold some stuff. I get emails every day about how Instagram is changing the world for everyone. 

so it shouldn't surprise anyone that I'm starting to get in on the action myself. More specifically, I've been selling my used stuff. I've sold tons of books, old CDs, CDs, cars, and even a couch (yes, a couch). 

And the profits are pretty nice. Don't believe me? Check out how I made over $30 from selling my used car on eBay. (And you can too!

How I Maintained Low Prices

So how did I maintain the low prices? Pricing it low allowed me to maintain a website in some random country and ensure that at least enough people could find my website to validate that my products were actually being sold. 

I would still run into locals, albeit travelers, who wanted to purchase my products to bring home. This limited my downside, and provided me with all the upside. Remaining Popular For a Long Time The key here is that a business concept that is only good for a few months can be extended indefinitely through word-of-mouth. 

I could not possibly hold my prices up for long because I needed to have customers to produce sales, so I would develop my website for a few weeks or months, and then drop my prices to allow a new batch of customers to enter.


We have only scratched the surface in this article. However, we were able to give you a comprehensive list of Instagram tips that you need to consider before starting your business on Instagram. 

Although Instagram has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for social media marketers, remember to remain focused and be transparent. Remember that it is important to be authentic on social media. 

Now that you have a comprehensive idea of how to maximize your reach and monetize your account, you are now ready to take Instagram to the next level! In the coming months, we will be covering more in-depth aspects of social media marketing and making money on Instagram specifically.

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